Walking The Black Dog 2017/18

2 months to go ..

December Distance: 242km
December Floors: 532
Rating: Getting there ..
December has been hot. Very hot. I now have a convincing backpack tan and there’s a demarkation line where my ..

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3 months to go ..

November Distance: 156km November Floors: 203 Rating: Not bad given the circumstances What a difference a hemisphere makes. I left Sydney with unsightly heat rashes around my ankles from walking in 38 degrees while wearing woollen socks and landed in UK where there...

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4 months to go ..

October Distance: 227km October Floors: 373 Rating: Better than September! Well, spring has most definitely sprung here in Sydney. And there’s definitely a spring back in my step! The city is full of blooming jacarandas and the strong fragrance of jasmine follows me...

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6 months to go

It’s almost 6 months to the day when I’ll be taking my first tentative steps of the journey from Land’s End in England to John o’Groats in Scotland. Tentative had better …

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