October Distance: 227km
October Floors: 373
Rating: Better than September!

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Well, spring has most definitely sprung here in Sydney. And there’s definitely a spring back in my step! The city is full of blooming jacarandas and the strong fragrance of jasmine follows me round on much of my walking. Just gorgeous.

Cruise ship sandwiched between The Coathanger and The Opera House.

I’ve been walking on the North Shore as well as in the Eastern Burbs, seeing some beautiful sights and wildlife along the way. I’ve ogled at the iconic Sculptures By The Sea over at Bondi http://sculpturebythesea.com/bondi/, walked to see exhibitions around the city and spotted exotic birds in the bush. The trick was to take it gradually, building up the miles and the weight in my pack. I’m convinced that if my feet are comfortable and blister-free and I can keep my pack down to 7kg I shouldn’t have too many problems. It’ll mean exceedingly careful packing, with restricted room for a little black dress .. but I reckon I can do it!

The cliffs at South Head with my lovely friend, Sophie.


Sculptures By The Sea early morning Sunday walk.


Glad I didn’t step on him by mistake!

It took a while to get back to full speed, The Grim only releasing its grip with reluctance. But it was eventually banished and increasing distances culminated at the end of the month with The Seven Bridges Walk. It’s a fund-raising walk for Cancer Council NSW http://www.7bridgeswalk.com.au, taking you rather confusingly across more than seven bridges, in a loop around the city and its environs. It’s a pretty 28km walk taking in urban territory and bushland, constantly surprising you with views back towards The Harbour Bridge.

Looking back at The Harbour Bridge from Gladesville Bridge.

Temps were right up in the 30s for the Thousand Bridges walk, as we came to call it, reaching a top of 37. I was lucky to spend the day with my lovely friend Sophie and so we were distracted with conversation, ranging from the deep and meaningful to the utterly trivial .. the best sort of walking partner! We even managed to add a couple of kilometres to the day by going off route and seeking out a cute cafe for good coffee, half way through!

From cityscapes to fabulous bush

I pulled up pretty well after the longest walk so far .. no after-effects other than exceedingly unflattering red rings around my ankles where the combo of heat and woollen socks resulted in a heat rash! Well, that certainly won’t be happening in UK, so I can rest easy.

Walking around Cremorne Point at sunset

Just four months to go and I’m starting to feel a tingle of excitement each time I see a map of the UK on the television .. which you do often on the weather forecast! I’ll be in the UK in November so there’ll be the opportunity to buy the best wet weather gear the planet has to offer and to investigate all the safety stuff, I might think necessary. It’ll be interesting walking once again in cold, wet weather after the heat of Sydney. It makes for easier walking unless the rain sets in.  

Thank you so much for joining me on this journey, be it from your laptop on your desk, on your tablet in front of the tv or on your mobile on the move. It’s wonderful to have your support and to receive your comments.

Black Dog Tails
Cena is one of the most amazing heroes I came across when looking for black dog tails. He was buddied with 18 year old Corporal Jeff de Young in Afghanistan to sniff out bombs. The two became inseparable. Corporal de Young had a very tough time in service, losing 7 of his close mates. To read about how Cena saved his life and how the two were reunited after a 4 year separation click on the link in the photo below. It’s an extraordinary story.

A young Jeff with an even younger Cena

Jeff and Cena years later, with the young family