My shared ‘Romance in the Landscape’ show in 2019, was a celebration of the 2000km walk I did in 2018 from the southern-most tip of England to the northern-most tip of Scotland. It took me 91 days and delighted me along the way with a huge variety of terrain and weather. I set out in the snow in Cornwall and ended in surprising Scottish sunshine. I crossed bleak moors, walked high coastal paths, trudged through mud in the Mendips, got lost and tearful in forests, perambulated along river and canal paths… bumping into all manner of characters and wildlife along the way. My works in this show were inspired by Walking The Black Dog.

At the end of each day of Walking The Black Dog I posted a sketch on my blog. For the exhibition I worked some of the sketches up into more detailed drawings and took inspiration from many of the photo I’d taken throughout the journey. Below is a sample of the pen and ink drawings which were included in the show.



Black Dogs

Fairy Tales